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Freeholder Chairperson:
Blanquita B. Valenti
Operations Manager: Beverly Briggs



Freeholder Message

As the newest office of Middlesex County Government, the Middlesex County Department of Transportation (MCDOT) brought together the County passenger transportation and the Central Vehicle Maintenance and Repair Services divisions into a unified department. The result was the consolidation of passenger transportation services, vehicle maintenance and vehicle procurement under a single agency to improve the efficiency of the delivery of a variety of transportation services.

MCDOT is committed to the development of a better integrated passenger transportation network, particularly to achieving the goal of a seamless system where the County passenger transportation services allow connections to the local and regional bus and rail network in Middlesex County. We are also committed to improving the coordination of County transportation services with human service agency and municipal transportation services to meet the growing needs of all transportation dependent residents.

In February 2006, Area Wide Transportation System (AWTS), the County passenger transportation program, became Middlesex County Area Transit (MCAT). The name change reflects the role of community transit as part of a larger mobility network including New Jersey Transit bus and rail transit services, as well as private sector transit services. It also underscores the County as the primary area served by the passenger transportation program. New vehicles will also begin to reflect the new blue and gold color scheme, replacing the AWTS black and white vehicle logo and lettering.

MCAT will continue to maintain the 30 year tradition of meeting the needs of senior citizens, disabled residents and economically disadvantaged individuals in Middlesex County. The NJ Casino Revenue fund and the Middlesex County Board of Chosen Freeholders provide the major source of funding to support the MCAT vehicle operations. These include curb-to-curb van and mini-bus services, providing transportation to medical, shopping, employment and recreational destinations for individuals who are unable to use traditional transit services.

We have developed working partnerships with a number of human service funding agencies including the NJ Department of Human Services, NJ Department of Labor and Workforce Development and the NJ Department of Health and Senior Services. Other major funding sources include the Federal Transit Administration and Work First New Jersey, whose joint funding has resulted in transportation services to support individuals who are transitioning from welfare to access education, job training and employment. Our Middlesex County Area Transit (MCAT) Shuttle program includes routes providing transportation on a schedule similar to traditional fixed route buses but with the flexibility to directly serve residential, commercial and employment destinations that cannot be provided by traditional fixed route transit.

The Middlesex County Department of Transportation is committed to improving the delivery of new and expanded modes of passenger transportation, to improve the fuel efficiency and reduce the adverse air quality impact of our vehicle services.



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