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Role of Middlesex County Superintendent of Schools

The role and function of the office of the County Superintendent of Schools are created by N.J. statute (NJSA 18:7-8 and NJAC 6A:23A-2)

As the role has evolved over the years, the county office has become the local districts' prime contact to the Department of Education in Trenton. County Office Staff are familiar with the activities in the county and work closely with staff in the local districts. The County Superintendent serves as a member of the Middlesex County Vocational Schools' Board and the Middlesex County College Board.

In September 1993, the County Office began monitoring local districts under a newly created monitoring system. Oversight of various mandated programs continues on a yearly basis (ex. Local School district budgets, Special Education, ESL/Bilingual, Affirmative Action, Certification of Staff, Facility Approval, Transportation Contracts).

NJAC notes that in addition to innumerable responsibilities, the County Superintendent of Schools shall "...make his/her office a service bureau for the schools in his/her county." This statement most appropriately and succinctly defines the role of the Middlesex County Office. County Staff are liaisons to a number of local and county commissions and task forces. Local school districts rely on the county office for information as do parents/guardians and the community at-large. The County Superintendent's Office has been a catalyst for many educational initiatives in the county.

The County Superintendent of School's Office has to broadened its horizons to include increased partnerships between businesses and schools as well as the inclusion of various agencies involved with students and their families.