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The Occupational Health Services Program, now completing itís thirteenth year of operation, is charged with a wide variety of assignments dealing with both legislative and operational aspects of employee health and safety, compliance programs, and outreach services within both the public and private sector.

New Jersey Worker and Community Right To Know Act
This legislative mandated program was created by the state legislature in 1984 (NJAC 8:59) and designed to provide information regarding the hazardous materials that are produced, used, stored and/or disposed of by both public and private sector employers.

Indoor Air Quality Assessments in Public Buildings
The Program assists municipalities within Middlesex County with indoor air quality concerns that included: roof repair dusts and vapors, major school renovations involving improper chemical use, inadequate fresh air ventilation and problems associated with central air handling machinery.

Public Employer Occupational Safety and Health Act - PEOSHA
Safety and health issues within private industry and commerce are governed by the US Department of Labor's Occupational Safety & Health Act. Municipal, county, and state agencies and departments must comply with the New Jersey Public Employer Occupational Safety and Health Act (NJAC 12:100). The Program assists municipal and county agencies, departments, and autonomous bodies in meeting these requirements and in providing both mitigative and remediative activities.

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