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Fugitive Unit: The fugitive unit is comprised of county investigators whose primary responsibilities is to locate and apprehend fugitives, by reviewing the files and utilizing surveillance, and investigative leads and intelligence data bases.

The unit works closely with other county, municipal, state and federal law enforcement agencies to pursue outstanding fugitives wanted for failure to appear in Superior Court on Criminal charges.

These assigned Investigators also work as street apprehension teams that execute criminal warrants throughout the Middlesex County area. The unit also processes and transports to Court, fugitives who surrendered on outstanding warrants.

Fugitive unit personnel are also responsible for lodging detainers on fugitives who are apprehended out of state, preparing governors warrants, Interstate Agreement on Detainers, and for scheduling extraditions both into and out of this state. Investigators also participate in extraditing fugitives who are apprehended in other states. There is also a fugitive duty officer available at all times. The Communications officers assigned to the unit are responsible for NCIC/SCIC entries and cancellations as well as DMV, Teletype, and Criminal History lookups.

Current fugitives are listed on the Prosecutor’s Office Website as well as a Most Wanted Newspaper Column that appears weekly in the Home News Tribune and other local newspapers.

The Fugitive Unit is also responsible for the “flap” (fugitive locator apprehension program) in which citizens can receive a reward of up to $500.00 for information leading to the apprehension and arrest of a Middlesex County Prosecutor’s Office fugitive. All information received is kept confidential.

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