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Fatal Accident Investigation: An accident is, by its very nature, an unintended event. But just because it's unintended does not relieve those involved from responsibility for the accident's outcome. There are a number of things a driver can do which can end up with unintended results, such as the death of another motorist, pedestrian or even a passenger in his own car. If it's the case that the incident resulted from an intoxicated driver, someone out joyriding, evading the police or driving an unsafe vehicle, that driver could be criminally liable for his actions. It's in these cases that the FATAL ACCIDENT UNIT of the Middlesex County Prosecutor's Office is called to action. The Unit is staffed by investigators specially trained to handle these cases. Their job includes the photo-documentation of the scene, collection of evidence, developing a detailed diagram of the event, detailed examination of the vehicles involved and ultimately reconstructing the accident. A fatal accident investigation is unlike any other homicide and the resulting penalties be as severe. Prosecuting these offenders plays a vital role in the overall public safety. If you witness a serious accident or have information you feel may be helpful to the investigation, contact your local police or the FATAL ACCIDENT UNIT.

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