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Bias Unit: The Middlesex County Prosecutorís Office Bias Crimes/Community Relations Unit is comprised of specially trained personnel who can assist the local police or conduct independent investigations.

The Unit receives notification of all bias incidents or hate crimes that occur in the County. Notification is made directly to this Unit and to the Attorney Generalís Office from all municipal police departments. A determination is made whether the alleged is in fact a bias incident (not prosecutable but monitored) or a bias crime (prosecutable). Bias incidents are referred back to the reporting department for follow-up if needed. Criminal complaints for Bias Crimes are forwarded to the Prosecutorís Office for prosecution.

A member of the Unit continues to work closely with municipal police departments and other governmental agencies with respect to bias crime investigations as well as improving police/community relations. Each municipal police department has an assigned bias officer who coordinates investigative work and the sharing of intelligence. Meetings of the Middlesex County Bias Officersí Association are held regularly where as the sharing of information and case monitoring, representatives with up-to-date materials and information. Members of the staff also participate in the State Bias Officersí Association.

Efforts are made to coordinate activities with local officials and groups, such as municipal human relations commissions, providing public speaking engagements and community outreach to address the problems on a larger but still local scale.

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