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Special Prosecutions : The Special Prosecutions Section investigates economic crime, corruption in municipal and county government, misconduct by police, including allegations of brutality or the use of excessive force, insurance fraud, consumer fraud, computer crime, and other related areas. Cases are opened as a result of a citizen complaint, a referral by another agency, the Division of Criminal Justice, the Office of Consumer Affairs, the Office of Attorney Ethics, or directly by the Prosecutor. Additionally, the Unit monitors and conducts internal affairs, investigations of alleged misconduct by police and/or monitor investigations conducted by internal affairs officers of local police departments.

The Special Prosecutions Section also investigates white collar crimes that directly affect public well-being, i.e., embezzlement of public funds, misuse of governmental office, official misconduct and corruption, etc.

The Section provides a vehicle by which a matter can be investigated outside the normal criminal justice process. In addition, the Section serves in many situations as a sounding board for complaints by citizens of the county. Many of these complaints do not result in a criminal charge nor, in the opening of an investigation. However, the fact that the Prosecutorís Office through the Special Prosecutions Section is readily accessible to the public is both important and necessary.

The Computer Crimes Unit within the Special Prosecutions Section continues to ensure the proper collection of computers and computer-related evidence. The Unitís function is to assist municipal law enforcement agencies with the collection of computers that are evidence, contraband, instrumentalities or fruits of crime, as well as to conduct Computer Forensics Examinations. The Investigators have extensive training and experience in computer forensics in a well-equipped forensics facility.

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