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Fax, Advocacy Center/ Domestic Violence 732-296-8968
Fax, Chief/Homicide/ Fatal Crash/ Records 732-745-2089
Fax, Crime Scene Response 732-418-9028
Fax, Evidence 732-246-5560
Fax, Prosecutor/ Fugitive/ Arson/ Trial Operations 732-745-2791
Fax, Intelligence/ Gangs/ Counter-Terrorism 732-745-5973
Fax, Internal Affairs 732-745-5969
Fax, Juvenile 732-745-2549
Fax, Appellate/ Pre-Trial/ NCIC 732-745-4096
Fax, Sex Crimes/ Child Abuse/ Megan's Law 732-745-3604
Fax, Narcotics/ Gambling 732-745-3915
Fax, Trial Operations/ MORE/ Bias 732-745-2324
Fax, Victim-Witness 732-296-7962
Andrew C. Carey, Acting Prosecutor 732-745-3300
Stephanie Kurowsky, Secretary to the Prosecutor 732-745-3300
Julia L. McClure, 1st Assistant Prosecutor  732-745-3329
Christopher L. C. Kuberiet, D/1st Assistant Prosecutor  732-745-3047
Christie L. Bevacqua, D/1st Assistant Prosecutor 732-745-4324
Keith M. Warburton, D/1st Assistant Prosecutor  732-745-4332
Gerard McAleer, Chief of County Investigators 732-745-4472
Robert K. Merkler, Chief of Staff 732-745-3339
Grand Jury  
Grand Jury Clerk 732-519-3950
Fax, Grand Jury 732-519-3952
Police Training Center  
Andrea Craparotta, Lieutenant 732-225-0750 x3
Patrick Dacey, Sergeant 732-225-0750 x3
Nicole Ducca, Agent 732-745-0750 x6
Fax, Police Training Center 732-225-0760