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Release Title Release Date
Perth Amboy Tax Collector Indicted 2/27/2009
Woman Placed on Probation in Custody Dispute 2/27/2009
Four Suspects Charged in New Brunswick Shooting 3/13/2009
DPW Worker Pleads Guilty to Theft of Gasoline 3/17/2009
Two Men Arrested and Charged in Serious Crash during Auto Race 3/24/2009
Middle School Teacher Arrested 4/1/2009
Former Volunteer Fire Chief is Placed on Probation for Gasoline Theft 4/2/2009
Double Homicide; Suicide in Piscataway 4/6/2009
Man Dies in Auto Crash in Monroe Township 4/11/2009
DWI Checkpoints are Established for a Safe Prom and Graduation Season 4/16/2009
Police Schedule Annual Conference to Combat Bias Crimes 4/21/2009
Three DWI Arrests, 83 Summonses Issued at Weekend Checkpoints 4/22/2009
Pedestrian Struck, Killed by Auto in Perth Amboy 4/29/2009
Piscataway Woman Sentenced in Child's Death 5/1/2009
Woman Critically Injured in Jamesburg Collision 5/1/2009
East Brunswick Woman is Determined to be the Victim of a Homicide 5/5/2009
Two Men Held Following Fatal Shooting 5/7/2009
Court Hearing Scheduled 5/8/2009
Two Men Arrested following Homicide, Police Pursuit 5/8/2009
Sergeant in Prosecutor's Office Charged with Harassment 5/12/2009
New Program Seeks to Deter Juvenile Crime 5/13/2009
Teenager Killed, Two Others Injured in Woodbridge Crash 5/15/2009
Educators, Law Enforcement, Meet for School Safety Seminar - Part I 5/18/2009
Educators, Law Enforcement, Meet for School Safety Seminar - Part II 5/19/2009
Man Arrested and Charged with Murder in Old Bridge 5/22/2009
Police Officer Pleads Guilty to Disorderly Persons Offense 5/27/2009
State Prison Instructor Arrested 5/28/2009
DPW Worker Gets Jail Term, Probation for Theft of Gasoline 5/29/2009
Former Newark Man Admits 2004 Sex Assault 6/1/2009
Women Gather for Law Enforcement Conference 6/2/2009
Scholarships Available for Careers in Law Enforcement 6/2/2009
New Brunswick Man Arrested and Charged with Sexual Assault 2/11/2009
Two Men Indicted on Fatal Stabbing Charges 2/13/2009
Edison Coach Charged with Sexual Assault 2/20/2009
Correction to News Release on Edison Coach 2/20/2009
Karate School Instructor Charged with Sexual Assault 2/20/2009
Four Arrested on Drug Charges 2/25/2009
Edison Coach Charged with Sexually Assaulting a Second Victim 2/25/2009
Old Bridge Teacher Pleads Guilty 6/2/2009
New Brunswick Assault 6/5/2009
Somerset Man Arrested on Sex Assault Charge 6/9/2009
Eleven Street Gang Members Arrested on Drugs & Weapons Charges 6/17/2009
Edison High School Teacher Arrested on Sex Assault; Endangerment Charges 6/16/2009
Karate School Instructor Pleads Guilty to Sexual Assault 6/25/2009
New Brunswick Gang Member Pleads Guilty in Fatal Shooting 6/26/2009
Gang Members, Co-Conspirators Indicted on Drug Charges 6/29/2009
Sayreville Firefighter Sentenced for Theft of Gasoline; Diesel Fuel 6/30/2009
Teacher Charged with Child Endangerment at dison Job Training Center 7/1/2009
Homicide Victim Found in New Brunswick 7/1/2009
Roommate charged in New Brunswick Homicide 7/2/2009
New Brunswick Man Arrested, Charged with Sexually Assaulting a Child 7/13/2009
Two Men Arrested; Charged in Series of Bank Robberies 7/14/2009
Former Woodbridge Police Officer Waives Trial; Pleads Guilty 7/20/2009
Former Coach Pleads Guilty to Sex Assault; Child Endangerment Charges 7/28/2009
Perth Amboy Man Convicted of Sexually Assaulting Child 8/3/2009
South Plainfield Woman Charged in Estate Theft 7/27/2009
New Brunswick Man Charged with Murder 8/5/2009
Police Officer Pleads Guilty to Shoplifting 8/10/2009
Old Bridge Teacher Avoids Jail; Gets Probationary Term 8/10/2009
Officer Charged with Smuggling Cell Phones to Latin Kings Inmate 8/10/2009
North Brunswick Man Convicted in Drive-by Shooting 8/12/2009
Teen Arrested and Charged with Sexual Assault 8/12/2009
South Brunswick Woman Pleads Guilty in Double Homicide Case 8/14/2009
Shooting in Fords Section of Woodbridge 8/19/2009
Father Charged in Infant's Death 8/19/2009
Rahway Man Charged with Auto Fatality after Victim Dies 8/24/2009
Forfeited Funds used to Combat Gun Violence 8/19/2009
Piscataway Police Sergeant Charged with Forgery, Theft 8/26/2009
New Brunswick Man Sentenced in Armed Robbery of Cab Driver 8/28/2009
School teacher jailed for passing a fraudulent medical note 8/31/2009
Colonia Man Arrested, Charged in Hit-and-Run 9/2/2009
School Guard Charged with Sexual Contact; Child Endangerment 9/9/2009
Body Recovered from Woods in Old Bridge 9/9/2009
Woman Identified; Cause of Death Remains Undetermined 9/10/2009
Indictment Handed up in Woodbridge Auto Fatality 9/10/2009
Three People Indicted in Identity Theft Conspiracy 9/11/2009
Scoth Plains Man Charged with Dumping Woman's Remains 9/11/2009
Iraq War Veteran from Sayreville Admits Weapons Possession Offenses 9/15/2009
Edison Man Assaulted; Bias Incident Report 9/23/2009
Former Postal Workers Admit Theft of Gift Cards 9/23/2009
New Brunswick Man Pleads Guilty During Trial 9/24/2009
Woman Charged with Robbery following Death of New Brunswick Man 9/25/2009
Shuttle Bus Driver Charged with Theft 9/30/2009
Eight Men Arrested and Charged with Burglaries; Armed Robberies 9/29/2009
Teenager Charged with Harassment in Highland Park 9/29/2009
Somerset Men Plead Guilty following Shoot-out in New Brunswick 10/2/2009
Teenager Charged with Bias Intimidation in Assault of Edison Man 10/6/2009
Plainfield Man Convicted in Homicide; Robbery Scheme 10/8/2009
South River Parks Director and Daughter Charged with Theft 10/14/2009
Suspicious Death under Investigation 10/19/2009
New Brunswick Man Dies in Apparent Shooting 10/23/2009
New Brunswick Man Arrested and Charged in Homicide 10/27/2009
Plainfield Man Charged in Fatal Shooting outside Bowling Alley 11/2/2009
DWI Checkpoints begin this Weekend in Middlesex County 10/30/2009
Man Admits Attempted Aggravated Sexual Assault in New Brunswick 11/5/2009
South Amboy Man Pleads Guilty to Fatal Stabbing 11/6/2009
Second Suspect Arrested and Charged in New Brunswick Homicide 11/6/2009
Physician Convicted of Practicing Medicine without a License 11/6/2009
Countywide Effort to Dispose of Prescription Medicines Set for November 14th 11/9/2009
New Brunswick Man Fatally Stabbed 11/10/2009
School Teacher Arrested on Sex Assault, Child Endangerment Charges 11/12/2009
Fugitive Arrested following Broadcast of ''America's Most Wanted" 11/17/2009
Former Employee Admits Stealing from Carteret Company 11/19/2009
Federal Funds used to Purchase Fingerprinting Equipment in Five Towns 11/24/2009
South Amboy Man Arrested and Charged in Auto Fatality 11/24/2009
School Teacher Arrested on Sex Assault, Child Endangerment Charges 12/2/2009
Twenty Graduate at Drug Court Ceremony 12/3/2009
Shuttle Bus Driver Admits Theft 12/9/2009
South River Parks Director Admits Theft 12/14/2009
Toll Collector Sentenced for Theft 12/24/2009
Two die following two-vehicle collision in November 12/19/2009
Man Sought for Questioning in New Brunswick Homicide 1/19/2010
Perth Amboy Man Charged in Homicide 1/21/2010
Homicide Victim Identified; Perth Amboy Man Held 1/22/2010
Two Teens Charged in Sex Assault 1/26/2010
Teenager Convicted of Bias Attack 1/26/2010
School Board Member Charged with Attempted Luring; Endangerment 1/29/2010
Auto Dealers Charged with Scamming Customers 2/3/2010
Manasquan Man Admits Sexual Assaults 2/16/2010
Ex-school Guard Admits Sexual Contact; Faces Lifetime Supervision 2/18/2010
Perth Amboy Man Sentenced to 22 Years for Assaulting Child 2/19/2010
Ex-postal worker jailed on identity theft count.htm 2/23/2010
Former employee imprisoned for stealing from Carteret company.htm 2/23/2010
Shuttle bus driver sentenced for theft.htm 2/23/2010
Two indicted on perjury charges.htm 2/23/2010
Ex-Middlesex County resident sentenced for sexually assaulting child.htm 2/23/2010
Edison man arrested on kidnapping, endangerment charges 2/25/2010
Edison man charged with murder; hindering 2/26/2010
Newborn found outside nursing home 2/26/2010
Woman killed in Piscataway 2/28/2010
Homicide victim identified 3/1/2010
East Brunswick man charged in fatal beating 3/6/2010
Ex-parks director jailed for theft 3/8/2010
Ex-housing authority employee jailed for theft 3/10/2010
Law enforcement, families invited to seminar 3/10/2010
Woman fatally stabbed in Highland Park 3/12/2010
Highland Park man charged with fatal stabbing 3/12/2010
Piscataway police sergeant admits theft 3/18/2010
Fords man found dead in his home 3/26/2010
Scholarships available for careers in criminal law 3/29/2010
Corrections officer admits theft 4/1/2010
Man pleads guilty to fatal shooting 4/5/2010
Woman found dead in Old Bridge 4/8/2010
Woman found dead in Old Bridge - Investigation continuing 4/8/2010
Twenty one adults, one teenager charged in massive drug sweep 3/31/2010
Perth Amboy man arrested and charged in Old Bridge homicide 4/9/2010
Plainsboro man charged with luring children 4/12/2010
Officer admits smuggling cell phones to prison inmate 4/12/2010
Ex-lawyer placed on probation for theft 4/14/2010
Perth Amboy man charged with sexual assault, murder 4/15/2010
Perth Amboy man sentenced for selling gun 4/20/2010
Two plead guilty; third man sentenced in identity theft conspiracy 4/20/2010
Police set conference to combat bias crimes 4/20/2010
Woodbridge teacher charged with endangering student 4/22/2010
Woodbridge man convicted of armed robberies; assault 4/22/2010
Woodbridge teacher admits sexual contact; official misconduct 4/27/2010
Teacher pleads guilty to credit card theft 4/30/2010
Plainfield schools superintendent; assistants, charged with theft 5/4/2010
Perth Amboy man charged in sex assaults 5/5/2010
Two plead guilty in South River bank robbery 5/5/2010
South Plainfield man indicted on charges of attacking borough worker 5/6/2010
Apparent homicide under investigation 5/7/2010
Neighbor held on charges of fatally stabbing Monroe Township woman 5/9/2010
Monroe Township woman found dead 5/7/2010
Ex-school teacher charged with two counts of child endangerment 5/11/2010
New Brunswick man convicted in armed robbery 5/13/2010
Child death under investigation 5/18/2010
Cause of death awaits further testing 5/19/2010
Teacher arrested on child sex assault, misconduct charges 5/21/2010
Two Essex County men arrested and charged in fatal shooting 5/23/2010
Bergen County man arrested in 10-year-old Edison homicide 5/24/2010
DWI checkpoints set for safe prom and graduation season 5/26/2010
Ex-teacher admits sex assault 5/27/2010
Monmouth County man charged with sex assault, endangerment 6/1/2010
Rahway man convicted in fatal shooting 5/27/2010
Piano teacher convicted of child endangerment 6/1/2010
Corrections officer jailed for theft of union funds 6/11/2010
Ex-rescue squad worker charged with sex assaults 6/11/2010
Three charged with DWI in Plainsboro 6/14/2010
Police search for assailant 6/22/2010
Carteret man fatally shot 6/23/2010
Juveniles charged with murder 6/28/2010
Security officers charged with theft of parking fees 6/29/2010
Old Bridge man died from head injury 6/29/2010
Ex-police dispatcher placed on probation 6/30/2010
Prison employee arrested 7/1/2010
Two additional teens charged in Old Bridge homicide 7/1/2010
Carteret man charged with murder 7/1/2010
New York man charged with luring in Edison 7/2/2010
High school teacher placed on probation 7/9/2010
Corrections officer sent to prison 7/14/2010
Prosecutor will seek to try teens as adults in Old Bridge homicide 7/15/2010
Police search for assailant 7/19/2010
Teacher admits sexual contact, child endangerment 7/20/2010
Teacher fined, placed on probation 7/27/2010
Woodbridge teacher sentenced for sexual contact, official misconduct 7/27/2010
Two more parking officials arrested on theft, misconduct charges 7/30/2010
South Plainfield man admits sexual assault 7/30/2010
Unidentified body found in Perth Amboy 8/2/2010
Edison teacher pleads to sexual contact; witness tampering 8/5/2010
Stabbing in Monroe 8/5/2010
Motorist charged with injuring passenger in collision with train 8/19/2010
Piano teacher sentenced for child endangerment 8/20/2010
Former Investigator Pleads Guilty 8/23/2010
Police investigate fatal shooting in South Plainfield 8/23/2010
Woman dies from apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound 8/23/2010
Man charged in South Plainfield homicide 8/23/2010
New Brunswick man arrested and charged in 1990 homicide 8/26/2010
Prosecutor, Freeholders offer bias and education grants to police 8/31/2010
Police officer charged with voter fraud; theft 9/3/2010
Middlesex County to Dedicate Expanded Police Training Center 9/8/2010
$110,000 awarded to 22 police departments to fight bias crime 9/13/2010
Five juveniles sent to adult court, charged with Old Bridge murder 9/17/2010
New Brunswick man convicted of murdering wife 9/17/2010
Substitute teacher charged with sex assault 9/22/2010
Residents urged to dispose of unwanted medicines 9/23/2010
Human remains found in woods 9/24/2010
Belt, pants may lead to identity 9/24/2010
Teenagers stabbed in New Brunswick 9/26/2010
Major Public Safety Announcement - Fugitive Safe Surrender 9/27/2010
Two Rutgers students charged with invasion of privacy 9/28/2010
Parking authority manager charged in missing funds case 9/28/2010
Police identify remains 9/29/2010
New Brunswick man charged with fatal stabbing 9/30/2010
Investigation of Rutgers case continues; possible motives considered 9/30/2010
Piscataway teacher charged with sex assault; misconduct 10/5/2010
Second suspect sought in New Brunswick stabbing 10/5/2010
Citizens Police Academy 10/7/2010
Secretary charged with theft of trust funds 10/13/2010
Five ex-custodians admitted to PTI program 10/14/2010
Plainfield man charged with homicide at hotel 10/14/2010
Prosecutor, chiefs offer additional training to new police officers 10/21/2010
South Plainfield man found guilty of murdering estranged girlfriend 10/21/2010
Crime Stoppers program unveiled in Middlesex County 10/27/2010
Toddler's death ruled accidental 10/29/2010
Grand jury charges five with Sinha murder 11/3/2010
Edison man charged with murder; hindering 11/25/2010
Co-defendant pleads guilty to endangerment, hindering in homicide 11/3/2010
Grand jury indicts Brick Township man on fraud charges 12/8/2010
Rutgers student struck and killed on Route 18 12/9/2010
Student identified 12/10/2010
DWI checkpoints established for safe holiday traveling 12/16/2010
Math teacher charged with child endangerment 12/20/2010
Man charged with promoting prostitution 1/5/2011
Men charged with sexually assaulting two girls 1/14/2011
New Brunswick man charged with fatal beating 1/19/2011
Police sergeant charged with theft 1/25/2011
Ex-rescue squad worker admits sex assaults 2/7/2011
Monroe Township woman charged with murder 2/8/2011
Old Bridge man charged with endangerment, promoting prostitution 2/10/2011
Officer’s death investigated 3/28/2011
Additional charges filed against karate school owner 3/30/2011
City man fatally stabbed 4/4/2011
Man pleads guilty, co-defendant charged in 2006 homicide 4/8/2011
Scholarships available for careers in criminal law 4/8/2011
Edison man admits murder, child endangerment 4/15/2011
Grand jury indicts Rutgers student on privacy, bias charges 4/20/2011
Ravi indictment 4/20/2011
Officer indicted on voter fraud; theft charges 4/21/2011
Monroe woman indicted on murder, hindering charges 5/5/2011
Ex-Rutgers student admitted to pretrial program 5/6/2011
Probation imposed for endangerment, hindering 5/9/2011
Police investigate apparent homicide 5/12/2011
Cousin charged with North Brunswick homicide 5/16/2011
Highland Park - possible child luring incident 5/18/2011
Piscataway police officer charged with drug theft 5/19/2011
Death under investigation in Woodbridge 5/19/2011
Ex-rescue squad worker sentenced to 10 years for sex assaults 5/20/2011
New York man charged in death 5/20/2011
Former North Brunswick man convicted of sex assaults 5/25/2011
New developments in 1980 homicide 5/26/2011
Three men indicted in bank robbery, shootout 5/26/2011
Edison man sentenced for murder, child endangerment 5/27/2011
Crime Stoppers organizes in Middlesex County 5/31/2011
Police, educators attend seminar 6/9/2011
Ex-substitute teacher placed on probation 6/13/2011
Little League officer charged with theft 6/23/2011
Ex-treasurer charged with theft 6/24/2011
Witnesses sought in hit-and-run fatality 6/28/2011
Ex-clerk imprisoned for theft 7/12/2011
Police departments offered grants for community safety programs 7/14/2011
Highland Park Burglaries 7/15/2011
Crime Stoppers offers rewards for arrests in shootings; assaults 7/19/2011
Bio-training course set for police 7/21/2011
Pedestrian killed 7/28/2011
Pedestrian identified 8/1/2011
New Brunswick man killed on city street 8/6/2011
Photos released 8/7/2011
Homicide investigation continuing 8/8/2011
Enhanced stills 8/8/2011
Jeep sought 8/9/2011
Edison finance officer charged with theft 8/12/2011
South Plainfield man convicted of attacking borough worker 8/16/2011
Volunteer instructor charged with sex assault 8/15/2011
Crime Stoppers offers reward in homicide 8/22/2011
Karate school instructor admits sexual assaults 9/2/2011
Police departments receive $5,000 grants, totaling $120,000 9/6/2011
New Brunswick man killed 9/9/2011
Illegal ‘’bath salts’’ sales lead to arrests 9/14/2011
Parking authority manager indicted in missing funds case 9/21/2011
Fatal shooting under investigation 9/23/2011
Investigation continuing 2 9/22/2011
Investigation continuing; statements, evidence gathered 9/29/2011
Police sergeant charged with tampering; obstruction 10/11/2011
Criminal justice education offered in new community program 10/13/2011
State Police resources are tapped in on-going investigation 10/13/2011
Highland Park man critical after hit-and-run accident 10/21/2011
No appeal planned 10/26/2011
Electronic control devices to be purchased for police 10/30/2011
Edison man slain 11/8/2011
Third suspect arrested in homicide 11/10/2011
Piscataway man charged with sexually assaulting two girls 11/14/2011
South Plainfield clerk charged with theft 11/18/2011
Bank robbery foiled; gunman dies from gunshot wounds 11/23/2011
Storefront windows smashed in Highland Park bias incidents 11/30/2011
New Brunswick man charged with smashing windows 11/30/2011
New Brunswick man charged with bias intimidation 12/1/2011
Police shooting to be presented to grand jury 12/12/2011
Old Bridge children safe following apparent murder-suicide 12/16/2011
Old Bridge children safe following apparent murder-suicide (Update) 12/16/2011
Newark man killed 12/24/2011
Woodbridge fire intentionally set; victim identified 1/20/2012
Driver sought in hit-and-run fatality 1/26/2012
Two men charged with hit-and-run fatality 1/28/2012
Shooting under investigation 1/31/2012
Investigation in New Brunswick shooting follows strict guidelines 2/1/2012
Man shot in Monroe 2/9/2012
Fatal fire under investigation in South Plainfield 2/23/2012
Fatal fire under investigation in South Plainfield (2) 2/23/2012
Investigation into fatal fire continues 2/24/2012
Dentist charged with fraud 3/8/2012
Man shot at mall 3/8/2012
Police officer, suspect identified 3/9/2012
Suspect arrested, charged with 2010 Edison homicide 3/21/2012
Man charged with abducting woman in New Brunswick 3/27/2012
Ford Edge sought in fatal hit and run 3/31/2012
Police search for driver in hit-and-run fatality 3/30/2012
Gun Surrender Program & Triggerlock Giveaway 4/20/2012
Gun Surrender Program & Triggerlock Giveaway - SPANISH 4/20/2012
Manalapan resident charged with hit-and-run fatality 4/11/2012
Grand jury to review New Brunswick shooting 4/20/2012
New Brunswick man fatally shot at home 5/4/2012
Grand jury decides Deloatch case 5/10/2012
Carteret man pleads guilty to murder 6/27/2012
Scout leader charged with possessing child porn 6/15/2012
Plainfield man and woman charged with fatal beating 7/2/2012
Three charged in explosives attack 7/14/2012
Driver sought in Old Bridge hit and run 7/30/2012
Camp counselor charged with sexual assault 7/30/2012
Three charged in Sayreville homicide 7/28/2012
Former Perth Amboy youth pastor charged with sex assaults 7/20/2012
Staten Island resident charged in connection with hit-and-run fatality 8/2/2012
Supermarket employee shoots, kills two co-workers, self 8/31/2012
New Brunswick man convicted of murder 8/20/2012
Details in Pathmark shooting emerge as investigation continues 9/15/2012
Two killed, four injured in motor vehicle crash 9/15/2012
New Brunswick man charged with felony murder 9/28/2012
Police investigate apparent homicide 9/28/2012
State high court upholds decision to try two teens as adults in homicide 9/20/2012
Man killed in Perth Amboy 9/24/2012
Woman fatally shot in New Brunswick 10/7/2012
Two more arrested, two others sought in New Brunswick homicide 10/9/2012
Edison man charged in shooting 10/16/2012
Fourth suspect charged in Sayreville homicide 10/17/2012
Carteret man imprisoned for sex assaults on child 10/24/2012
Crime Stoppers begins three-day advertising campaign 10/24/2012
New Brunswick man, cousin, indicted in city shooting 11/7/2012
Former school vice-principal charged with theft 11/9/2012
New Brunswick teen killed 11/10/2012
Police investigate fatal shooting 11/13/2012
Three men charged in stray bullet homicide 11/15/2012
Murder, weapons charges filed against Edison man 11/15/2012
Sheriff’s officer charged with filing false report; simple assault 11/15/2012
Elizabeth man sentenced for heroin trafficking 11/16/2012
Hospital worker charged with sexually assaulting patients 11/25/2012
Monroe man sentenced to 30 years for murder 11/28/2012
Truck driver imprisoned for causing auto fatality 12/11/2012
Perth Amboy man charged with auto fatalities 12/16/2012
Life prison term imposed in felony murder 12/20/2012
North Brunswick man charged with drug possession, distribution 12/21/2012
Man pleads guilty in South Plainfield homicide 1/11/2013
Two arrested in shooting; victim hospitalized 1/17/2013
Third defendant charged in shooting 1/20/2013
Police investigate near-drowning 1/28/2013
Parking authority employees guilty of misconduct 1/28/2013
Edison man charged in burglary; auto fatality 1/24/2013
New Brunswick man admits guilt in fatal beating 2/5/2013
Old Bridge man charged with wife's murder 2/6/2013
Second defendant pleads guilty in Old Bridge homicide 2/7/2013
Woman charged with child endangerment, arson for setting fires 2/11/2013
Monmouth County man admits bilking clients 2/11/2013
Man sentenced in South Brunswick auto fatality 2/11/2013
Fatal crash under investigation 2/22/2013
Fatal crash investigation continues 2/22/2013
Man shot in South River 2/23/2013
Man dies following shooting 2/24/2013
Edison man convicted in fatal shooting 2/28/2013
Man sentenced for South Plainfield homicide 3/1/2013
Iselin motorist charged with fatal FedEx crash 3/1/2013
Woodbridge man charged in sex assault, child porn 3/1/2013
Manalapan man imprisoned for hit-and-run fatality 3/4/2013
Jail official indicted in sex assault; carrying false police credential 3/6/2013
Old Bridge man charged with homicide 3/9/2013
Conducted energy device used to apprehend man 3/11/2013
South River man pleads guilty in auto fatality 3/13/2013
Three men plead guilty in bank robbery, shootout 3/13/2013
Woman sentenced for crimes arising from South Plainfield homicide 3/13/2013
Substitute school teacher charged with sex assault 3/22/2013
Monroe man charged following death of father 3/27/2013
Monroe man charged with killing father 3/27/2013
Fifth suspect arrested in New Brunswick homicide 4/1/2013
Teenager reported missing 4/2/2013
Essex County man charged in police chase, assault 3/30/2013
Teenager charged with sexually assaulting child 4/3/2013
Police shoot armed man in New Brunswick 4/6/2013
Charges filed following New Brunswick shooting 4/7/2013
Newark man charged in homicide 4/6/2013
Hospital worker charged with improperly touching patient 4/15/2013
Monmouth County man imprisoned for bilking clients 4/15/2013
High School teacher charged in connection with sex assault 4/16/2013
Edison man charged in hit-and-run fatality 4/17/2013
Gang members charged with murder conspiracy; racketeering 4/24/2013
Five arrested and charged in marijuana distribution ring 5/1/2013
Teenager remains in custody following juvenile hearing 5/2/2013
Reward offered for information on homicide 5/9/2013
South River man charged with forgery, fraud 5/10/2013
State Supreme Court rejects defense arguments in auto fatality 5/15/2013
Arson suspected in Monroe house fire 5/20/2013
Remains recovered from Raritan Center 5/21/2013
Police officer charged with Monroe house fire 5/23/2013
Monroe Township man charged with injuring three in collision 6/6/2013
Gangs indicted on racketeering, murder, drugs, weapons charges 6/25/2013
State Supreme Court agrees to hear appeal in double homicide 6/28/2013
Scholarships available for careers in criminal law 7/2/2013
Former parking authority official admits role in thefts 7/3/2013
Monroe woman convicted of murder; hindering 7/9/2013
New Jersey Appellate Division’s decision regarding State v Cibelli 7/15/2013
New Brunswick man killed 7/14/2013
Three charged with New Brunswick homicide 7/18/2013
New Brunswick Doctor charged with Criminal Sexual Contact and Endangering 7/19/2013
Defendant remains incarcerated in wake of court ruling 7/29/2013
New Brunswick man charged in fatal stabbing 7/27/2013
Camden man charged with carjacking in Cranbury 7/30/2013
Suspect sought in Woodbridge burglaries; reward offered 8/1/2013
Police investigating fatal crash 8/2/2013
Body recovered in South Plainfield 8/18/2013
Man arrested following fatal stabbing 8/19/2013
Reward offered for information on 2000 homicide 8/20/2013
Perth Amboy resident charged with murder 8/22/2013
Woman identified in South Plainfield 8/23/2013
Indictment handed up in Perth Amboy homicide 8/26/2013
Piscataway man charged with killing ex-companion 9/3/2013
Edison man arrested for illegal drug, weapons and gunpowder 9/12/2013
Edison police officer arrested on official misconduct charges 9/12/2013
New Brunswick man guilty of murder 9/13/2013
Two convicted in robbery plot 9/20/2013
New Brunswick man charged with boarding house homicide 9/25/2013
Reward offered in gas station robberies 9/25/2013
New Brunswick man charged in auto fatality 9/29/2013
Monroe woman sentenced to life in prison 9/30/2013
Man charged with stabbing Highland Park resident 10/1/2013
Carteret man convicted of felony murder; arson 10/7/2013
Sayreville teacher charged with sexual assault 10/11/2013
Three killed in two-car crash 10/15/2013
Nun killed in Edison auto crash 10/15/2013
Investigation continues 10/16/2013
Auto fatality under investigation 10/21/2013
Substitute teacher charged with marijuana possession, distribution 10/22/2013
Former police officer charged with arson 10/24/2013
Police officer indicted in overtime theft 10/24/2013
New Brunswick man sentenced to life plus 16 years 10/29/2013
North Brunswick police officer pleads guilty in auto fatality 11/13/2013
Sayreville police officer charged with housing authority theft 11/15/2013
Homicide/suicide in Woodbridge 11/19/2013
Middlesex, Union counties agree to share forensics laboratory services 12/3/2013
Police shooting under investigation 12/4/2013
Shooting investigation continues 12/6/2013
Missing child alert program to be expanded in local schools 12/9/2013
Former school vice-principal jailed for theft 12/18/2013
Ex-fire commissioner charged with theft 12/19/2013
Carteret man sentenced to life in prison for felony murder; arson 12/23/2013
South River man charged with assaulting child 12/30/2013
Police officer pleads guilty to overtime theft 1/6/2014
Substitute school teacher imprisoned 1/7/2014
New Brunswick man, cousin, plead guilty in city shooting 1/7/2014
Old Bridge man indicted on murder charge 1/10/2014
Former youth pastor sentenced for sex assaults on child 1/10/2014
Monroe man indicted on charges of injuring three in collision 1/17/2014
Carteret man sentenced for fatally shooting teenager 1/21/2014
South Brunswick man sentenced for killing wife 1/21/2014
Three indicted in fatal shooting 1/23/2014
Man imprisoned for sex assault 1/31/2014
Rutgers student attacked 2/1/2014
Judge drops charge against teacher in sex case; appeal planned 2/4/2014
Sayreville man charged with lewd conduct; child endangerment 2/6/2014
Carteret man charged with fatally shooting teenager 2/8/2014
Eight charged with seeking bogus driver’s licenses 2/7/2014
Defendant pleads guilty to murdering Old Bridge woman 2/7/2014
Man admits killing teenage girl in 1990 2/7/2014
Student killed in New Brunswick 2/16/2014
Corrections officers charged with assaults 2/24/2014
Perth Amboy man convicted in fatal shooting 2/25/2014
Former police officer sentenced in auto fatality 2/27/2014
Reward offered for information on New Brunswick homicide 3/1/2014
Bystander wounded; one killed in shooting 3/3/2014
Municipal judge charged with voter fraud 3/4/2014
Three charged with murder in fatal shooting; two remain at large 3/6/2014
North Brunswick teacher charged with child endangerment 3/7/2014
Composite sketch released 3/11/2014
Perth Amboy man pleads guilty to hindering homicide investigation 3/11/2014
Sayreville school teacher admits sex assaults 3/12/2014
Second suspect apprehended in New Brunswick homicide 3/14/2014
Police officer placed on probation; ordered to repay town for theft 3/24/2014
Custodian charged following Edison school fire 3/24/2014
Man charged with fatally beating student in New Brunswick 3/25/2014
Police investigate Dunellen shooting 3/28/2014
Three Edison police officers charged 3/31/2014
Woman killed in Old Bridge crash 4/1/2014
Basketball coach charged with sexually assaulting teenager 4/9/2014
Man sentenced for 1990 homicide in Edison 4/9/2014
Perth Amboy man imprisoned for fatal shooting 4/10/2014
Police to monitor "Glow parties" 4/11/2014
Police investigating hospital explosion 4/11/2014
Third homicide suspect arrested in Ohio 4/16/2014
Tractor-trailer driver charged with auto fatality 4/17/2014
Defendant sentenced for murdering Old Bridge woman 4/21/2014
Woodbridge man imprisoned for causing auto fatality 4/29/2014
Two indicted in theft of refinance fees 5/1/2014
Scholarships available for careers in criminal law 5/2/2014
Three children struck by vehicle 5/6/2014
Sayreville man charged with assault 5/9/2014
Man admits fatal shooting 5/12/2014
New Brunswick man killed 5/18/2014
Jamesburg man apprehended after escaping from drug arrest 5/14/2014
Investigation into auto injuries closed; no criminal charges 5/16/2014
Basketball coach charged with molesting teen 5/20/2014
North Brunswick man convicted of kidnap, attempted sex assault 5/28/2014
The FBI Seeks the Public's Assistance with Identifying Individuals Who Aim Lasers at Aircrafts 6/3/2014
Monroe man admits injuring three in collision 6/5/2014
Truck driver charged in fatal Turnpike crash 6/7/2014
Man charged with homicide; assault 6/10/2014
Man found guilty of assault conspiracy and weapons offenses 6/18/2014
Sayreville police officer admits housing authority theft 6/26/2014
Carey sworn to five-year term as Middlesex County prosecutor 6/27/2014
Police officer; wife indicted in arson investigation 6/27/2014
Teacher pleads guilty to child endangerment 6/30/2014
Child mauled by dogs 7/4/2014
East Brunswick man charged with sexually assaulting boys 7/9/2014
Man charged with causing two fatalities on Parkway 7/11/2014
Cyclist struck by truck in Cranbury 7/18/2014
New Brunswick man charged with sexually assaulting child in city park 7/28/2014
Sayreville teacher imprisoned for sexual assaults 7/28/2014
Edison bank robbery, pursuit under investigation 8/1/2014
Edison man charged in bank robbery, pursuit 8/1/2014
Michelle Lodzinski charged with murdering her son, Timothy Wiltsey 8/6/2014
Additional sex assault charges filed against East Brunswick man 8/12/2014
Police investigate fatal stabbing 8/14/2014
New Brunswick man imprisoned for child sex assaults 8/18/2014
Police investigate North Brunswick homicide 9/1/2014
Police officer placed on probation for housing authority theft 9/8/2014
Body recovered from house explosion 9/17/2014
Monroe man imprisoned for injuring three in collision 9/19/2014
Student death under investigation 9/21/2014
Utilities authority employee charged with thefts 9/26/2014
DEA to Host Symposium Combating Opiate Abuse at Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital 9/26/2014
Edison woman imprisoned for running million dollar brothel 9/29/2014
Two men charged with arson of South Brunswick home 10/1/2014
Neighbor arrested in fatal shooting 10/3/2014
Six indicted in four insurance fraud cases 10/10/2014
Seven juveniles charged in high school assaults 10/10/2014
Seven juveniles charged in high school assaults 10/11/2014
Perth Amboy man charged in homicide 10/16/2014
North Plainfield man charged with auto fatality on Turnpike 10/19/2014
Four Edison police officers; officer's wife, indicted in multiple cases 10/24/2014
Cause of death released 10/27/2014
Ethnic group likely target in home invasions 10/30/2014
Fourth home invasion investigated 10/30/2014
Prosecutor, local police to participate in community forum 11/6/2014
Sayreville man charged with auto fatality 11/10/2014
Ex-fire commissioner admits theft 11/10/2014
Juveniles to remain in Family Court 11/10/2014