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Jail official indicted in sex assault; carrying false police credential



††††††††† Middlesex County Prosecutor Bruce J. Kaplan announced today that a suspended assistant director of the Middlesex County Adult Correction Center has been indicted on charges of sexually assaulting a woman when she was being held at the countyís youth detention center, and in a separate case, was charged with making and carrying false police identification.


Derick Stevens (DOB 8/18/72) was charged by a Middlesex County grand jury on 13 counts, including official misconduct, sexual assault, witness tampering, hindering his own apprehension; obstructing the administration of law or other governmental function, and tampering with or fabricating physical evidence in an indictment that was handed up on March 5, 2013 in New Brunswick.


In addition, another Middlesex County grand jury handed up an indictment on February 27, 2013, charging Stevens with official misconduct, offenses involving a false government document, and creating and possessing a simulated document.


In the documents case, the grand jury charged that Stevens, a resident of Burlington Township, was in possession of the false police identification card on December 7, 2011.


The discovery was made while Investigator Karleen Duca and Investigator Frank DiNinno, both of the Middlesex County Prosecutorís Office, were investigating an allegation that Stevens had sexually assaulted a 21-year-old female inmate while she was incarcerated more than 12 years ago when she was being held at the countyís youth detention center.


In that case, the grand jury charged that between September 22, 2000, and October 30, 2000, Stevens and the woman had sexual relations at the youth detention center in North Brunswick on one occasion.


During that time period, Stevens worked at the detention center as a juvenile detention officer and had a supervisory role over the woman, who was being held at the center on a prior juvenile offense.


The grand jury further determined that during the December 2011 investigation into the sexual assault case, Stevens attempted to convince the woman and another witness not to provide incriminating statements.


The grand jury also charged that Stevens deleted text messages and/or call logs on his cell phone to impede the investigation.


Stevens initially was arrested and charged with the sexual assault on December 22, 2011, after the victim had contacted authorities.


Stevens had been employed as the assistant director of the Middlesex County Adult Correction Center, but was suspended without pay on December 8, 2011, from his $70,291-a-year job.


He began working for the Middlesex County Department of Adult Corrections and Youth Services on August 19, 1996.


Anyone with information is asked to call Investigator Duca at (732) 745-4452, or Investigator DiNinno at (732) 745-4194.


As is the case with all criminal defendants, Stevens is presumed innocent until proven guilty.