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MCPO Evidence Unit


The Evidence Unit of the Middlesex County Prosecutor's Office is responsible for the storage, tracking, release, and disposal of both evidence & non evidence items which the office comes in contact with. All items received by the Evidence Unit are tracked & maintained by an elite automated evidence tracking system. This elite evidence tracking program is only utilized by a handful of police organizations in the US (Suffolk PD, Las Vegas PD, Cincinnati PD, Nassau County PD, & Indianapolis PD).
The unit is staffed with two sworn evidence officers of the Detective Bureau who have exclusive control over the entire inventory. The unit is supervised by a Superior Officer (Lieutenant of Detectives). The Evidence unit has a large caseload, receiving approximately 10,000-15,000 individual items per year.


Among the thousands of pieces of evidence received, are domestic violence weapons. Weapons seized throughout the county from domestic violence incidents are held by the evidence unit for safekeeping until a final disposition by court order. There are a number of different court orders, but there are three more common outcomes and they are as follows:

1. All items are forfeited to the county and are destroyed
2. All items are to be sold by owner
3. All items are to be returned to owner or transferred to friend/family member

Any person who is eligible to receive his/her property back must call for an appointment. Anyone picking up firearms (BB & Pellet guns included) must present the necessary documents in order to receive their weapons.

LONG GUNS (air rifles included)

You must present a VALID NJ Firearms Purchaser ID card along with a VALID photo ID in order to receive any long gun back.

HANDGUNS (BB & Pellet pistols included)

You must present an original copy (PINK) of the NJ Permit to Purchase Handgun Permit for each handgun being picked up. If the original pink copy is not available, a certified copy must be acquired from the issuing police department at time of purchase. If the handgun was not purchased in NJ, then the weapon must be voluntarily registered. A voluntary registration form can be found at your local police department.


Items received as evidence by the Prosecutor's Office can be returned to the lawful owner upon completion of the matter in court. The Assistant Prosecutor assigned to the case can authorize the return of certain items pertaining to the case. Personal property must be picked up in person by the owner and valid photo identification is required at time of pick up. Items will be returned by appointment only.