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The Division of Environment, Parks and Comprehensive Planning carries out a wide range of planning functions and programs relating to land use, environmental and infrastructure issues in Middlesex County.

The Division is responsible for preparing and updating the Land Use and demographic elements of the County Comprehensive Plan. This division prepares and updates the Open Space and Recreation, Aquifer Protection, Water Supply, Wastewater Management, Storm Drainage, energy, and general environmental resources management elements of the County Plan.

Division staff also conducts environmental and functional planning reviews required by other divisions under various regulations.

Division staff also provides direct support on ongoing programs of the County including:

  • Middlesex County Farmland Preservation Program and the Agriculture Development Board
  • Lower Raritan-Middlesex County Water Quality Management Planning Program and the Lower Raritan-Middlesex County Water Resources Association
  • Middlesex County Strategic Planning Process and the Strategic Planning Area (SPA) Task Forces
  • Middlesex County Urban Forestry Program and Forestry Advisory Committee
  • New Jersey State Development and Redevelopment Plan Cross Acceptance Process

The Cross Acceptance Process is conducted periodically to coordinate County and municipal review of proposed revisions to the New Jersey State Development and Redevelopment Plan (SDRP). The Division also maintains a Geographic Information System (GIS) that services the planning and programs of the Division, other County Departments and agencies upon request. The GIS includes land use/land cover, environmental resource and infrastructure system data and mapping.

The Division also prepares and updates, as needed, future population and employment projections and forecasts for use in functional planning.

Public inquiries regarding the above functions may be directed to Mirah A. Becker, Supervising Planner for Environment, Parks, & Comprehensive Planning at 732-745-3016 or 732-745-4167.

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