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The Middlesex County Bicycle - Pedestrian Task Force under the Transportation Coordinating Committee (TCC) was established in 1998 in response to the growing public interest and need for safe and adequate bicycling and walking facilities in Middlesex County. A major goal of the Task Force is to attain a more bicycle and pedestrian friendly environment within the Middlesex County transportation system. Since its inception the Task Force has worked with municipal officials, the New Jersey Department of Transportation, New Jersey Transit and the North Jersey Transportation Authority to gain support in making bicycling and walking more feasible and attractive transportation alternatives in the County.

The Task Force has initiated and sought to expedite to construction a number of projects designed to improve bicycle and pedestrian facilities in the County. It has also pursued the adoption and expansion of regulations at all levels of government that would incorporate the needs of bicyclists and pedestrians within plans and designs of our transportation infrastructure and public transit system. The Task Force has been successful in obtaining funding for such key initiatives as the New Brunswick Bikeway Project.

The Task Force meets when necessary at the call of the Chairman.

For further information contact Ms. Anne Hummel, TCC Secretary at