Education Attainment Persons 25 Years or Over by Municipality
Education Attainment Persons 25 Years or Over
Education County SAT Scores 2010
Education National and State SAT Scores 2010
Education New Jersey Monthly 2010 School Rankings
Education School Proficiency Socioeconomic Analysis
Education School Stats 2009-2010

Employment Business
Business Parks GIS Map
Office Space in Sq. Ft.
Major Employers Top 20
Administration-Support, Waste Mgt - Remediation Sector
by Industry - County & New Jersey
by Industry Sector Shift Share Advantages-Disadvantages 2005-2010 A
by Industry Sector Shift Share Advantages-Disadvantages 2005-2010 B
by Industry Trends 2000-2010
Inflow-Outflow of Workers by Municipalities 2009
Information Sector 2010
Mix of Industries in County
Occupations & Mean Wages – County, New Jersey, US
Professional, Scientific, Technical Services Sector 2010
Transportation and Warehousing Sector 2010
Workers Commuting from other Counties 2009
Hotels-Conference Centers GIS Map
Industry Sectors Regional Comparison to Other Counties
Shopping Centers GIS Map-Index
Unemployment Trends by County, New Jersey, US
Unemployment Trends by County
Utility Service by Municipality

Cultural & Recreational
Cultural & Recreational Sites GIS Map
Parkland & Dedicated Open Space

Health Care
Acute Care Hospitals in Middlesex County
Healthcare & Social Assistance 2010

Population, Diversity, Income & Housing
Diversity Middlesex County & New Jersey 2010
Diversity Racial Mix Municipalities 2010
Diversity Racial/Ethnic Population by County, New Jersey & US
Housing Costs Municipalities
Housing Key Characteristics
Housing Stock By Age Group
Housing Stock Age & Household Tenure
Housing Units Authorized by Building Permits
Income County, New Jersey & US
Income Median Household Trends
Municipality Sq Miles percent of County
Middlesex County Land Use
Income Median Mean by Municipality & Type by County
Population Age County Workers Trends
Population Age Groups Trends
Population By Family
Population County Age Distribution
Population Estimates & Projections by Municipality & Type
Population Household Size by Municipality
Population Municipal Trends
Population Statewide County Trends
Population within One-Hour Drive of County

New Jersey Commuter Bus Lines-New Jersey Transit-Local
New Jersey Commuter MCAT Shuttle Routes
New Jersey Commuter Rail Ridership
New Jersey Transit System
New Jersey’s Roadway Mileage and Traffic Volume

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