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Freeholder Chairperson:
Charles E. Tomaro
Department Head:
Ralph G. Albanir


The Middlesex County Department of Parks and Recreation provides recreational and cultural activities for the general public throughout the year. Extensive facilities for summer sports, winter sports, theater and concert programs offer opportunities for enjoyment to County residents. The park system consists of 18 county parks encompassing 6,631 acres. Thirteen of these parks contain active recreational facilities and five others are conservation areas or are being held for future recreational development. The County is in the process of acquiring 7,000 acres of open space through the Open Space Trust Fund, and an active farmland preservation program has preserved 2,500 acres. The Middlesex County Improvement Authority operates three golfing facilities: The 36 hole Tamarack Golf Course in East Brunswick, the Meadows at Middlesex in Plainsboro, and the Raritan Landing Golf Course in Piscataway.

Middlesex Greenway

Merrill Park

Black Bear Sighting in Thompson Park

The Middlesex County Office of Parks and Recreation has received reports of a black bear at Thompson Park in Monroe Township.  This summer has seen several prominent sightings of black bear in Central New Jersey.  The NJ Division of Fish and Wildlife “urges people to be cautious when encountering bears, but there is no need for alarm.”  Keep the following advice in mind:

·       Never feed bears

·       If you encounter a bear, remain calm and do not run

·       Make sure the bear has an escape route

·       Avoid direct eye contact, back away slowly and speak with a low, assertive voice

The NJ DEP has tips on reducing conflicts and encounters with black bears in New Jersey:  http://www.nj.gov/dep/newsrel/2014/14_0065.htm