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Middlesex County Offers Online Video Content

Do you have questions about what went wrong in your garden this season or what exactly does this Asian Longhorned Beetle look like? Now you can gain knowledge on horticultural and environmental topics anytime, thanks to the cooperation of Middlesex County’s Information Technology (IT) Department and the County’s Office of Rutgers Cooperative Research & Extension.

Just log on to the Middlesex County website http://co.middlesex.nj.us to find the Extension departments’ homepage. Once there you can find the educational videos that have been posted. The most recently added video will tell you all about Middlesex County’s efforts to fight Mosquito populations which can be a nuisance this time of year.

These videos can be great reference pieces, discussion starters in the classroom, or a sample of what one learns in a Master Gardeners class.

So if you would like to hear from the experts on some of the issues you face in your own backyard, just hit the Educational Videos button on the Middlesex County Extension Services webpage at http://co.middlesex.nj.us/extensionservices. RCRE of Middlesex County provides educational, research based programs to the public, often for free or a minimal charge. For more information on programs offered by the Middlesex County office of Rutgers Cooperative Research & Extension call 732 398 5260.

Rutgers Cooperative Research & Extension educational programs are offered to all without regard to race, religion, color, age, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, or disability.

Contact: Middlesex Co. Extension Office