Freeholder H. James Polos
Chair, Public Safety and Health Committee



East Brunswick Patrolman Honored

Recognized for His Outstanding Record of Combating Drunk Driving


MAY 18, 2012 –
The Middlesex County Board of Chosen Freeholders last nightrecognized Patrolman Frank Sutter, of the East Brunswick Police Department, for his efforts in DWI enforcement. 

In April, Patrolman Sutter received the 2011 DWI Top Gun Award from the Department of Law and Public Safety, Division of Highway Traffic Safety for recording the highest number of DWI arrests in Middlesex County for 2011.  He has also led the East Brunswick Police Patrol Division in DWI enforcement for four consecutive years.

Freeholder H. James Polos, chairman of the County’s Public Safety and Health Committee presented Patrolman Sutter with a resolution at the May 17 meeting of the Middlesex County Board of Chosen Freeholders.  

“Alcohol-related crash fatalities account for nearly 30 percent of all crash fatalities and in 2010, 168 people died in alcohol-related crashes,” Polos said. “Patrolman Sutter made 63 DWI arrests in 2011, which was the most in Middlesex County.”

“On behalf of the Board of Chosen Freeholders, I would like to congratulate Patrolman Sutter and thank him for a job well done,” said Middlesex County Freeholder Director Christopher D. Rafano.  “Middlesex County law enforcement vigilantly and aggressively prosecutes those who, by violating the law, place both themselves and others at risk. We would like to thank Patrolman Sutter for his efforts to stop impaired drivers and keep our residents safe.”

“We are extremely proud of Patrolman Sutter for his dedication to such an important part of being a police officer,” said Deputy Chief William Krause, Jr. Director of Public Safety for the East Brunswick Department of Public Safety.  “The tragic results of DWI related accidents are all too often seen in the media and it is impossible to comprehend why such tragedies have to occur when they are easily avoided." 

Krause  said it is unfortunate that some individuals are willing to not only risk their own lives, but the lives and wellbeing of others by operating motor vehicles while under the influence of intoxicating liquor or drugs.  The East Brunswick Police Department, he said has long been dedicated to removing intoxicated drivers from the roadways of our Township to ensure their safety and the safety of all other motorists. 

Patrolman Frank J. Sutter has been a police officer with the East Brunswick Police Department since January 2005.  He graduated from the Somerset County Police Academy in June 2005.  Since completing training, Patrolman Sutter has been assigned to the Patrol Division and he has served as a member of East Brunswick Police S.W.A.T. Team since 2007.  He also serves as a Firearms Instructor for the East Brunswick Police.

Patrolman Sutter has made 335 total arrests for a variety of offenses, not including DWI’s.  In addition to these arrests, Patrolman Sutter has personally made 235 arrests for Driving While Intoxicated (DWI), while becoming involved in over 450 DWI cases.