Freeholder Blanquita B. Valenti
Chair, Human Services and Aging Committee


Senior Meal Program Putting Stimulus Dollars to Work

 The Middlesex County Department on Aging received over $200,000 in funding as part of the federal stimulus package earlier this year from the U.S. Administration on Aging.  The funds were made available to help senior programs in the state expand their nutrition services.  

With this additional funding, the Department was able to open new locations, maintain some that were in jeopardy of closing and make weekend meal services available to those who are housebound.  Last year Middlesex County’s Senior Nutrition Program served $345,000 meals though out the County. 

“It is important that we be able to provide low cost, well balanced meals for our senior residents in need,” said Freeholder Blanquita B. Valenti, chair of the Human Services and Aging Committee.  “Especially now since the economy is making it more and more difficult to live on a fixed income.”