What's in a Name

Amboy -
Native language word Ompeage, meaning flat point of land.
Carteret -
Philip Carteret, first governor.
Cheesequake -
Native language word meaning quaking bog.
Metuchen -
Native language word, Metachan, meaning firewood.
Middlesex -
In early England, Middlesex County was between Essex (East Saxon Land) and Sussex (South Saxon Land).
New Brunswick -
Originated in Brunoswik, an early village in Germany.
Old Bridge -
Site of first bridge across the South River.
Piscataway -
Indian language word meaning It is getting dark.
Possumtown -
Trappers found opossums to be plentiful.
Pumpkin Patch Creek -
Wild pumpkins, thought to be poisonous, grew along small branch of the Rahway River (Woodbridge).
Pumptown -
Probably named for a pump in the middle of a road.
Baptist Sects argued whether Saturday or Sunday is the Sabbath.
Raritan -
Native language name for sweetwater.
Roundabout -
Sailboats had to tack around many river turns.
Samptown -
Samp is the Native language word for corn gruel.
Woodbridge -
Rev. John Woodbridge