Ways to Save at Play

  • Take your child to a yard sale to find that special “gently used” bike, scooter, or wagon.
    Then, work together to paint it and customize it.

  • Have your child gather cloth or net bags to help you bring home groceries without asking for paper or plastics.

  • Create recycle arts and crafts using old empty boxes of different sizes, magazines, newspapers, junk mail, o ld ribbons, ice cream sticks, etc

  • Help your child go through toy boxes and drawers to choose those toys and clothes that could be “recycled” for a younger child.

  • Instead on individually packaged juice boxes or cans, buy the largest recyclable bottles of juice or sports drink. Then, let your child personalize a reusable, plastic container. Use this to take juice and drinks wherever you go.

  • Buying the large economy size of laundry detergent and other items you use often is a great way to save money and reduce the amount of packaging you’ll have to recycle. Challenge your child to find as many “environment savers” as possible when you grocery shop.