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Rental Information and Fees


The Middlesex County Fire Academy will rent a classroom or the amphitheater to organizations for the purpose of conducting training for the emergency services community.  All of the outdoor training props and the SCBA Maze are only available through the drill program.


Category 1:  Municipal, county, state and federal emergency agencies serving the public

Category 2:  Municipal, county, state and federal emergency agencies serving the public that are charging a fee for their class

Municipal, county, state and federal agencies and authorities serving the public

Private companies in need of training for in house fire or emergency services

Category 3:  Private companies, not in direct competition with the MCFA providing training for a fee to the fire or emergency services listed in categories 1 and 2 as well as municipal emergency service agencies

Fee can be satisfied or offset by in kind value/services to Middlesex County, its departments and agencies


    Half Day    Full Day
Category I 
Users will have fee waived
Category 2    
Half Classroom  150.00 275.00
Full Classroom   175.00 325.00
Amphitheater 325.00 525.00
Category 3    
Half Classroom  200.00 350.00
Full Classroom   225.00 400.00
Amphitheater 400.00 650.00
After renting one of the above spaces, additional spaces of each or lesser size may be rented for the same time period at the following rates:
Half Classroom 150.00  225.00
Full Classroom 175.00  275.00