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Course Details

The Middlesex County Fire Academy is pleased to provide our training course schedule for the Fall Semester of 2014.  Attached is a copy of the training course schedule that will enable you to plan and schedule your training.

Our course offerings include our Firefighter I, II and III programs.  Other than the firefighter series courses, many advanced firefighting and rescue courses are also offered such as:  RIC Awareness, Confined Space Technician, Rope Rescue Technician, Building Collapse-Shoring Operations, Fireground Survival, Fire Inspector & Fire Official Certification, Fire Instructor Level I Certification & Fire Instructor Recertification Courses, Incident Management System (I-100, I-200, I-300, I-400 and I-700)  Haz-Mat Incident and several Advanced Tactical Firefighting lecture and practical hands-on courses as well as many others.

Available for this semester we will be offering three (3) Night Firefighter I courses, one (1) Daytime Weekday Firefighter I course, one (1) Night Firefighter II course and one (1) Daytime Firefighter II course.  The Middlesex County Fire Academy will be using the NJ Division of Fire Safety approved firefighter training program published by Jones and Bartlett for our Firefighter I & II courses.  

Due to an overwhelming demand during the 2014 Spring Semester, we will also be offering our Pump Operator Course and MVX Operations Course as an addition to the 2014 Fall Schedule.

The NJ Division of Fire Safety Fire Officer I course is also scheduled to be offered starting in October 2014 using the Jones & Bartlett Fire Officer Principals and Practice Curriculum.

Other courses that are newly developed and currently offered will include the NFA Health and Safety Officer program and also ICS-402 which is the ICS Course for elected officials, executives, administrators and policy makers.  We are currently developing a MVX Advanced Course which will be scheduled for 2015.

The Middlesex County Fire Academy has several fireground tactical and operations courses that have been part of our course curriculum.  The courses include a Strategy and Tactics Series that is comprised of seven separate new courses that will include both lecture and hands on training.  These courses are Firefighting Operations in High Rises, Garden Apartments, Townhouses and Multiple Dwellings, Basements and Cellars, Strip Malls and Taxpayers, Residential Dwellings, Tactical Considerations for the Initial Incident Commander and Strategy and Tactics Hands-On Practical Operations. 

We look forward to meeting all of your training needs and requirements with dedication and commitment at the Middlesex County Fire Academy and are anxiously anticipating the arrival of the upcoming semester.

All of the staff at the Middlesex County Fire Academy would like to thank you for your endless dedicated support year after year. 

If you should have any questions or should need further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact the staff at the Middlesex County Fire Academy by calling 732-316-7175 or by e-mail, dave.petry@co.middlesex.nj.us


Click here to view the Course Catalog (Adobe PDF)

2014 Fall Semester (Adobe PDF)

2012 IAMI NE Fire Investigation Training (Adobe PDF)