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East Jersey Olde Towne Village
Village Buildings at East Jersey Olde Towne

Street address

 1050 RIVER ROAD  
Intersection of River Road & Old Hoes Lane
Phone No: 732.745.3030  

9. Smalleytown Schoolhouse - Reconstructed  
Replicated in 1977, at the Village, from original materials, salvaged  
from the Smalleytown Schoolhouse that was located in Warren   Township. 

 12. Fitzrandolph House - Restored
       from Hoes Lane in Piscataway,
moved to the Village in 1976.

10. Vanderveer House Restored   
Moved and reconstructed in 1976, from its original location in    Pluckemin.  

 2. New  Brunswick  Barracks
     Replica - new replicated in 1978 from historical  documents.

11. Church of the Three-Mile Run - Replica   
built in 1978, of an 18th Century Middlesex County church.  

 3. Runyon House - Restored 
     moved from Possumtown Road, Piscataway in 1978.

8. Six Mile Run House  Restored   
relocated from Route 27, Franklin Park in 1978.   



 5. Indian Queen Tavern
     removed from New Brunswick and reconstructed from new and
     original materials
between 1976 & 1980.


7. Williamson Blacksmith – Wheelwright Shop   
relocated from Route 27, North Brunswick in 1976.  

 6. Farley Blacksmith Shop
     moved from New Brunswick to Johnson Parkin the 1960’s and from
     the Park to East Jersey Olde Towne in 1978.

14. Dunn House   
originally on Stelton Road, Piscataway. Moved in 1973.  


History of East Jersey Olde Towne (EJOT)

Located on River Road in Piscataway, East Jersey Olde Towne is one of the largest collections of original and replica structures in the state. Situated on twelve acres of Johnson Park, Olde Towne, founded in 1971, is comprised of 12 structures, many of which were transported from their original sites in New Jersey.

The Middlesex County Cultural and Heritage Commission assumed responsibility of the Village in May of 1989. An extensive renovation and restoration project was begun on the site, to repair damage caused by time and the elements. Structure by structure, the buildings  that comprise EJOT are being renovated for use as a village devoted to New Jersey’s rich heritage. Student workshops, folklife presentations, storytelling, outdoor concerts, a resource library and archives, lectures, film and other educational activities will take place, on a year round basis, at the village.

Dr. Joseph Kler, who helped found the Village, loved American history with a passion and was fired with the spirit of preserving the   
tangible aspects of our country’s past so that future generations. A monograph chronicling his life, as well as brochures on the entire village is available, free of charge.

Programs at the Village see What’s New! and check out our ACCESS page for details on accommodations for persons with disabilities.

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