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HISTORY GRANTS   2013 - 2014



Grants are Due
on or before


June 13th 2012

Middlesex County Cultural and Heritage Commission and the Board of Chosen Freeholders are pleased to offer grants to historical organizations - non-profit and governmental. We also underwrite history projects that are designed and administered by non-profit community groups. Please check our guidelines for more information on eligibility

Our high-tech software program is user-friendly. It will automatically accomplish some of the most important tasks for you, such as calculations. Additionally, we've added help tools to remind you of topics to address in your narratives. Persons who follow the recommendations found in the bubble-tips, will submit a well crafted application.


You can work on the grant a little at a time, close it and return to complete additional portions of the grant. BUT, the grant must be saved to your hard drive, by giving it a new name  - perhaps History Application 2013-2014

Choose the type of grant you wish to receive and click the folder found at the bottom of this page. It contains application forms for all 3 types of grants, special software to permit you to complete the forms and a copy of our  2013 - 2014 Guidelines.


Use the SPELL CHECK feature to identify typos and misspellings. Evaluators do not look favorably upon poorly written grants and often will rank a group lower for their poor grant presentation.

Within the folder you will find:

- very important, please read the guidelines thoroughly, as here you'll find information about eligibility and use of funding.


Complete the ADA pages.
You must comply with

Americans with Disabilities Act
Historic sites are NOT exempt.

OPEN ME FIRST, a special folder that contains software called FILLER for PC. It is the SAME as last cycle. If you have this on your computer - you are good to go. If not, install Filler from this folder. If a Registration Page pops up - close it with the X found in the upper right corner of the window. No need to register the software. When asked to do so, click Agreeto accept conditions of use if asked to do so
APPLICATION Grants to hire new staff are in one folder; grants for projects and technical assistance are in a separate folder.

For most questions, a Bubble-tip similar to this will pop-up when your cursor or mouse enters a box.
Here you'll find helpful ideas and concepts to think about, when writing responses to a question. The narrative fill-in boxes were designed to permit a complete answer.
You CANNOT add extra narrative pages.

You may cut paragraphs from a Microsoft Word document and paste them into the narrative sections of the grant. However, keep in mind that questions are specific to this grant project and any text from another document may not answer a question well. DO NOT cut and paste in any budget boxes.

Each grant has 4 different types of sections

1) Single line fill-in boxes
2) check boxes  Click on the box and will appear (error? no problem, click again and the check mark disappears)
3) Narrative boxes for answers in paragraph form. Use only the space provided.
4) Charts for budget and attendance Type numbers without commas and do not use the dollar sign.

When you are ready to submit the application, go to the last page and CLICK SUBMIT, but click only once.  The button will open your internet connection, whether you have dial-up, cable or DSL, and transmit the application to our database and to our e-based grant files. You will immediately receive a MESSAGE that we have received your grant.



Click on the folder above which contains the type of grant you wish to receive and
DOWNLOAD the contents to your
hard drive.

Staff is always available to help

Contact the History Services Coordinator and ask for a one-on-one session to discuss your grant or for help in using the e-Grant software.

Applications are due before midnight
 on Thursday June 13th 2013

Use the PRINT button to make a copy of the grant for your organizational files.

Take the printed SIGNATURE PAGE and have it signed by your board president or chair (mayor, council president or business administrator for municipal groups).

Signature Page plus (up to 5 different) brochures or supporting materials such as CDs and videos must be mailed to the Commission or your grant is incomplete and will be rejected

Signature Page and Supports Due
in our offices or
postmarked and mailed no later than 4pm on Monday June 17th 2013.