Longevity Knot
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This an interesting knot to make. It looks complicated but not difficult to make. Resembling a swastika, but actually reversed. In Chinese it is an auspicious symbol meaning ten thousand blessings. It is a knot with many applications.

Use No. 5 thread about 20 inches in length.

View the entire process

Step 1. Find the midpoint of the string and fasten with pin on the board and bring the two strands parallel to each other. View Step 1

Step 2. Take the left strand and make a loose knot facing inward. View Step 2

Step 3. Tuck under itself to form a closed loop. View Step 3

Step 4. Take the right strand thread it through the first loop from above and draw through until it crosses over itself. Thus a loop is formed. View Step 4

Step 5. Tuck under itself to form second loose knot (also leave circular). Now you have two loosely intertwined knots. View Step 5

Step 6. Now is the tricky part. Pull the outer strands of both sides of the loop through each other like in the game of cat’s-cradle (For details on this complicated maneuver watch the video closely). View Step 6

Step 7. Tighten and adjust the threads and the Longevity Knot is complete. View Step 7

Longevity Knot