Alternating Knot
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This is a knot that is relatively easy to make. Can be used to make bracelets by repeating the pattern.

Use two pieces of No. 5 thread about 30 inches in length.

View the entire process

Step 1. Take two threads and fasten both ends on mat parallel to each other. View Step 1

Step 2. Take take right end, loop over left strand, and flip up. View Step 2

Step 3. Loop under left strand and draw string through loop. View Step 3

Step 4. Tighten by drawing the thread upward. View Step 4

Step 5. Bring the thread down and make the two strands parallel again. View Step 5

Step 6. Take the left strand this time and loop over right strand. View Step 6

Step 7. Then tuck under and draw through the loop. View Step 7

Step 8. Tighten by drawing the thread upward. View Step 8

Continue this procedure until you get the number of knots desired.

Alternating Knot