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Middlesex County...
"The Greatest County in the Land"

Ronald G. Rios

Freeholder Director
County Office:(732) 745-5792

Ex-Officio Chairperson
of All Committees

Renowned as one of the most "livable" counties in the country, Middlesex County is geographically located midway between the New York and Philadelphia metropolitan areas. The County is proud of its outstanding transportation network, 18 parks and playgrounds covering more than 7,000 acres and a rich mix of urban, suburban and rural living.

The County is also proud of its outstanding Middlesex County College and an unusually fine network of vocational and technical high schools that serve thousands of young people.

Middlesex County is also the home of Rutgers, the State University. A growing non-residential ratable base has allowed a stable county tax rate for over a decade while providing a reservoir of skilled workers for new and expanding business and industry.

Middlesex County enters the new millennium as the premier county in New Jersey with a quality of life second to none.

Q: What is a Freeholder?

A: The term Freeholder, based in English common law, originally referred to all men who owned or held property free of any debts or encumbrances.

This term is now used by New Jersey’s 21 counties to describe county legislators. The residents of Middlesex County’s 25 municipalities elect seven (7) persons to serve as members of the Board of Chosen Freeholders. The Freeholders are elected at-large to staggered three-year terms in the November general election.

In January of each year, the Board reorganizes, selecting one Freeholder to be Freeholder Director and another to be Freeholder Deputy Director. The Freeholder Director appoints Freeholders to serve as Chairpersons and members on the various committees which oversee county departments.

Carol Barrett Bellante

Freeholder Deputy Director
County Office: (732) 296-6968



County Administration

H. James Polos

County Office: (732) 745-3852


Public Safety and
Health Committee

Kenneth Armwood

County Office: (732) 745-4317


Business Development
and Education Committee

Charles E. Tomaro

County Office: (732) 745-4438


Infrastructure Management

Charles Kenny

County Office: (732) 296-6941


Finance Committee

Blanquita B. Valenti

County Office: (732) 745-4153

Community Services


Constitutional Officers


Mildred S. Scott
(732) 745-3381



County Clerk

Elaine M. Flynn

(732) 745-3827




Kevin J. Hoagland
(732) 745-3055