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Freeholder Chairperson:
Charles Kenny
Chief Financial Officer and Treasurer: Joe Pruiti

General Functions of Department Head: C.F.O.
Specific Functions: Payroll
Accounts Payable
Budget Preparation & Control
General Ledger
Financial Statements
Internal Auditing


The primary mission of the office of the County Comptroller is to maintain the general books of accounts to assure the Board of Chosen Freeholders that funds are expended within budgetary limits and in accordance with the County's Uniform Claim Procedure, and to report to the Board the results of operations. In meeting this objective, an integrated on line Financial Management Information System has been installed from which all financial reports, including the budget documents are prepared.

The Accounts Payable Division is responsible for determining the accuracy of vouchers processed to the Board of Chosen Freeholders for approval of payment.

The Budget Control Division is responsible for determining sufficiency of funds for Personnel Requisitions, Purchase Orders and Purchase Contracts requiring Board of Chosen Freeholder approval. In the latter regard, the County Comptroller personally signs all resolutions indicating that there are sufficient funds available for Commitment. There are in excess of 9,693 line items in the General, Trust, and Capital Funds that must be controlled.

The General Accounting Division is responsible for preparing and maintaining the General Ledger and preparing all entries affecting the General Ledger. It is also responsible for preparing all financial statements.

The Payroll Division maintains a central payroll system for all County Departments. On average, 2,025 employees are paid on a bi-weekly basis. This Division is also responsible for all fringe benefit reporting; i.e. pension, deferred compensation, health benefits, and unemployment compensation for the County.

The Grants Administration Division is responsible for fiscally monitoring grants. This includes the reporting of financial activity to the grantors fiscal departments.

The Internal Auditing Division is responsible for preparing accounting policies and procedures for use by all departments and for assisting Department Heads in installing and maintaining accounting systems. The internal auditor has been assigned a variety of projects.

The County Comptroller is called upon from time to time to prepare financial analyses on a myriad of topics. Recommendations are made to the Board based upon the results of these analyses.

As the County's Budget Director the County Comptroller works closely with the Departments Heads, the Board of Chosen Freeholders, and the Division of Local Government Services in the development of the annual Operating and Capital Budgets.

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