MCSET Committee Members




H. James Polos
Middlesex County Freeholder

Athena Sarafides
Middlesex County Coordinator

AnnMarie McShea
Middlesex County Coordinator

Mayor Peter Cantu

Mayor Daniel J. Reiman

Mayor Francis “Mac” Womack
North Brunswick

David R. Campion
Department of Public Works

Mark Finkelstein
Middlesex Regional Educational
Service Commission

Richard Fitamant
Middlesex County Utilities Authority

Steven R. Fittante
Director, Middlesex County
Department of Transportation

John Henry
NJ Green Building Council

Richard J. Hills
Solid Waste Management Director

William T. Hlubik
MC Cooperative Extension

Jane Leal
Middlesex County Improvement
Authority Representative

John J. Reiser, Jr.
County Engineer

Jeffrey Mayerowitz
MCSET Program Coordinator


Middlesex County Solar Energy Savings Program (11mb powerpoint)

MCSET Power Point Presentation (9.5mb powerpoint)

The Middlesex County Cooperative Extension Solar Project - Middlesex County’s First Solar Project (28k doc)

MCSET Brochure (543k pdf)

Go Green Save Green Brochure (68k pdf)

How to Conduct an Energy Audit: A Short Guide for Local Governments and Communities (105k pdf)

Developing an Alternative Fuels Fleet: Middlesex County (NJ) Experience (70k powerpoint)
Middlesex County Department of Transportation - May 2007

MCSET Forum (7.92mb powerpoint)
Implementing Green Technology and Sustainability
A Local Model Approach - May 2, 2007

Middlesex County Survey of Shared Services - Municipality (354k doc)

Middlesex County Survey of Shared Services - School District
(110k doc)

Middlesex County Showroom of Environmental Technology - Go Green / Save Green (14k pdf)
Middlesex County is the first County in the State of New Jersey creating a Sustainable Community

New Jersey Clean Power Choice Program (80k pdf)
Middlesex County is a Community Partner with the Clean Power Choice Program

Application Form for the 2009 Middlesex County Sustainable Economic Growth Improvement Fund (104k pdf)

Five Point Statewide Energy Reduction Plan (13kb pdf)
Freeholder H. James Polos, Middlesex County




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